Mount Everest Group

The Mount Everest (ME) Group is a blend of knowledge, experience and skills acquired with years of continuous dedication and commitment towards investing in innovative and transformational business ideas.

The Group envisions itself as becoming a top business conglomerate in G8 countries (and also in India and China) till the end of 2025. Having its central management station at a beautiful Himalayan nation Nepal, the group is currently undertaking travel, import and export and hospitality businesses within top international markets. Further, ME Group plans to expand its conglomerate business to educational consultancy and supermarket businesses in the near future. The group combines the years of experience of tourism entrepreneurs, hospitality experts, educationists, trade and finance experts and is thus investing in travel and tours business, hospitality business, trading business, supermarket business and educational consulting business.

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Message from ME Group President

A warm welcome to the visitors at Mount Everest Group’s official website!

I take this opportunity to introduce myself and ME Group to you all. ME Group has been formally established on the foundation of a strong belief that one day the Mt. Everest leads the world by tourism and help economically transform the developing countries like Nepal.

I am from a small, yet one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the land of Lord Buddha and Mount Everest- Nepal.Having nearly two decades of experience in tourism and hospitality sector...



Empower nepalese talent to shape their bright future and be part of ME Group in global market.

Recent Updates

Mount Everest Group for Sustainable Economic Growth

President of Mount Everest Group (ME Group) Mr. Kamal Raj Adhikari is sharing the mission and vision of the ME Group in the promotion of tourism sector of Nepal for the economic prosperity and Sustainable develpoment in the tourism sector and very first venture of the Mount Everest Group,ME Travel and Tours on News 24 TV.



Mount Everest Tours and Travel

ME Group Tours and Travel Wing looks after the group’s travel business that is convincingly operating in Europe and Asia at the moment. ME Group believes in offering holistic tourism offerings to the global travelers and wanderers. Therefore, the group has designed special travel and tours packages for recreational tourism, adventure tourism, sports tourism, eco-tourism, religious tourism, business tourism and so on. The group aims to promote responsible and ethical tourism practices around the world as it has become a global concern.


Mount Everest Export and Import

Mount Everest Group’s Trading business wing has its sole objective to facilitate the cross-boundary exchange of goods and services in popular international markets such as UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Italy, China, India etc. The group is dedicated towards establishing commercial link among the developing countries such as Nepal, India and developed countries to promote the technologies and production of one country in other countries. While doing so, the locally produced and manufactured products from Nepal such as handicrafts, carpet, garment, pashmina, herbs, alimentaire products etc...


ME Group Hospitality Wing

Having more than 15 years of experience in hospitality sector ME Group boasts its highest level of proficiency in hotel and restaurant business that has been already expanded in Europe. The group further plans to establish hotel and restaurant chains in G8 countries including India, China and Nepal. ME Group’s hospitality wing has its primary mission to offer the customers from around the world the quality service with value addition. The hospitality wing revolves around the following major objectives of the group:


ME Group Educational Consultancy

Considering the importance of quality education and international exposure in this modern era of globalization, ME group has ventured into educational consultancy business to help the students find outstanding colleges and/or universities and global education sector find creative and talented students. However, the group is currently undertaking extensive research to identify and implement the best ways of running an Educational consulting business by focusing on nursing, hotel management and foreign language students.


ME Group Supermarket Wing

This wing will be looking after the community chains of supermarkets that will be established in various countries where Nepali immigrant workers are in large number. The Nepal-made products will be specially promoted in the foreign countries through the community chains of supermarket that will provide online shopping facilities as well. Such supermarkets will address the various shopping needs of abroad Nepalese community apart from general customers from more than 190 countries.